The advantages of a pool heater

Why it pays to heat your pool

Our climate is constantly changing. Temperature fluctuations and unusual seasonal patterns have not been uncommon for a long time. In some places, the heating is turned on as early as August or it suddenly starts snowing in the late spring months. Temperature drops of over 10°C are becoming more frequent. To be able to enjoy your pool even during unpredictable weather changes and colder days, a pool heater is the ideal solution.

Stable temperatures

The fluctuations in the outside temperature have a great influence on the heat in the pool, but with a time-delayed effect. For example, the water may still be too cold on a sunny day if there were cool temperatures or storms the day before. With a pool heater, the temperature remains stable and nothing stands in the way of bathing pleasure even after colder days.

An extended bathing season

With a pool heater, you can extend your bathing time - no matter whether you want to swim a lane early in the morning or late in the evening. Even though autumn is just around the corner, you can still enjoy the late summer with pleasant water temperatures. Especially with a cover, the heat can be kept in the pool even longer, so that the season can also be extended into autumn. Not only private pools, but also open-air pools benefit economically effectively from a pool heater.

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