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Efficient pool heaters from the test winner

Extend your pool season – with AQSOL, your pool heating experts since 1986. We offer you the best quality and individual solutions for private and public pool facilities. Discover our test-winning solar absorber system.

public facilities
With a solar heater from AQSOL you can extend your pool season without expensive energy costs - regardless of whether it is an outdoor pool or an indoor pool.
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private customers
Heat your private pool area with solar energy - cost-effectively and without any emissions. With our AQSOL solar absorber system.
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We place particular emphasis on personal support in order to be able to provide you with a proposal tailored to your needs.
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Experience since 1986
With more than 33 years of experience and over 800 satisfied customers, we are your No. 1 contact for pool heating.
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In addition to our pool heaters and covers, we also offer extensive accessories for your pool.
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We are test winners

In 2000 - 2001, the renowned institute for solar energy research ["ISFH"] in Hameln carried out a two-year comparative test for swimming pool solar absorbers per DIN EN 12975, which is unique to this day, with the aim of testing the thermal performance and material stability of the different solar absorber systems in a precise and practical manner. The GEBaU / AQSOL solar absorber system emerged as the test winner from this strict test procedure with the highest useful solar heat yields per unit area and the best quality. Before 2003, the absorber system was distributed by GEBaU-Solarabsorber-System. In 2003, the test-winning system was taken over by AQSOL GmbH and has since been marketed as the AQSOL Solar Absorber System. Learn more about the comparison test here.

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Solar pool heating - Everything you need to know

A solar pool heater is a particularly popular and cost-saving option for pool heating. No matter whether it's a small private pool or a large swimming pool / outdoor pool. With a solar heating system from AQSOL, you can supply your pool with emission-free heat free of charge and thus extend your pool season by many weeks. Compared to conventional heating methods, this is not only easy on your wallet, but also on the environment.

What is a solar pool heater?

People often do not know exactly what a solar swimming pool heating system actually is and how it works. Yet it is as simple as it is effective: A solar pool heater converts solar energy into usable heat. To do so, so-called solar absorber fields are connected to the existing water line. The solar system is installed in a location with as much sun as possible (for example, on a roof). The pool water now makes the short diversion through the black solar fields and warms up naturally.

This type of solar technology is also called solar heat. Our solar panels are made of the particularly high-quality synthetic rubber EPDM (in a specially developed compound), which absorbs the solar energy in the best possible way and passes it on to the water.

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We are not an online shop where you just get your goods. With us, individual support is the main focus. We believe that only through personal contact will we find the ideal solution for your pool.

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