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Enjoy your pool at any time of year – with AQSOL, your pool heating experts since 1986. Whether energy-saving solar heating for the extended pool season or flexible heat pump for heating in any weather. We are your specialist provider with customised solutions for private and public pool facilities.

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Heat your pool system with solar energy - cost-effectively and completely without emissions. With the test-winning AQSOL solar absorber system.
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Want to heat your pool in all weathers? Our highly efficient heat pumps provide a pleasant water temperature whenever you want.
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Our modern pool covers provide effective heat retention for your pool, saving on heating costs.
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We are test winners

In 2000 - 2001, the renowned institute for solar energy research ["ISFH"] in Hameln carried out a two-year comparative test for swimming pool solar absorbers per DIN EN 12975, which is unique to this day, with the aim of testing the thermal performance and material stability of the different solar absorber systems in a precise and practical manner. The GEBaU / AQSOL solar absorber system emerged as the test winner from this strict test procedure with the highest useful solar heat yields per unit area and the best quality. Before 2003, the absorber system was distributed by GEBaU-Solarabsorber-System. In 2003, the test-winning system was taken over by AQSOL GmbH and has since been marketed as the AQSOL Solar Absorber System. Learn more about the comparison test here.

Your expert for pool heating

The pool provides the ideal refreshment and relaxation on hot summer days. Temperatures between 25° and 28° Celsius are perfect for a pleasant dip. Unfortunately, the weather is often uncooperative. The pool water cools down quickly at night or on days when the weather is bad, and needs time to warm up again sufficiently on warm days.

In order to avoid missing out on bathing fun even on colder days, a pool heater is part of the basic equipment for many pool owners. In the following text, we would like to give you a detailed overview of the possibilities of a pool heater and help you decide which pool heater is the right choice for you.

Why pool heating is worthwhile

Our climate is in a constant state of change. Unpredictable seasonal changes and volatile weather are part of our everyday life. A pool is strongly influenced by temperature fluctuations, but with a time-delayed effect. For example, the water may still be too cold on a sunny day if there was a storm or a drop in temperature beforehand.

Would you like to go swimming in the early morning or late evening hours? Would you like to enjoy your pool even in bad weather or all year round at pleasant water temperatures? With an AQSOL solar pool heater, you can extend your outdoor pool season by many weeks from around April to September. For year-round bathing pleasure, we recommend one of our highly efficient heat pumps, which makes you independent of cold spells and the seasons.

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Which pool heater is right for me?

There are many different types of pool heaters and suppliers on the market, but how do I know which product is best for me and my pool installation? Energy consumption is often a particularly important criterion. A pool heater should work as energy-efficiently as possible in order to heat the water mass of a pool efficiently. Solar-powered pool heaters or heat pumps are particularly well-suited for this.

The pool solar heater

With a solar absorber system, the swimming pool water is pumped through specially developed hoses (absorbers) and heats up naturally without any use of gas, oil or other fossil fuels. The hoses are usually positioned on roofs or open terrain where they can be optimally heated by the sun.

There are many arguments in favour of a pool solar heater. It has almost no operating costs and generates its heat completely without emissions. In addition, it is particularly durable (our AQSOL system has an average service life of 25 years) and can be designed and manufactured for any pool size, whether it is a small private pool or a large public swimming pool facility.

With a solar heater, you can extend your pool season by many weeks at low cost and bridge bad weather periods without any problems. And if you choose our solar absorber system, you get the highest quality direct from the manufacturer and a test winner with efficiency ratings of up to 91%. This makes the absorber system the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for heating a public facility (e.g. outdoor pool) or a private pool.

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The pool heat pump

The pool heat pump has become an increasingly popular variant of pool heating, as it can ensure a constantly warm water temperature with comparatively low electricity consumption. The pool heat pump draws in the air as a natural energy source from the environment and uses the available heat to release it to the pool water by means of a heat exchanger.

Another plus point is the high degree of flexibility. Regardless of the current weather, the heat pump heats your pool to the desired temperatures and switches off automatically when these are reached. In addition, the installation is extremely simple. We calculate the power required based on the demands on your pool, so that you have an optimal price/performance ratio.

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Pool covers

A pool cover offers many advantages and is an ideal complement to solar heating and heat pumps. It reduces the evaporation of the water and maintains the generated water temperatures longer, especially during the night.

But it is not only the economic aspect that speaks in favour of the purchase of a pool cover. It also protects your pool from dirt, leaves and pests and provides additional safety for children and pets.

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We are not an online shop where you just get your goods. With us, individual support is the main focus. We believe that only through personal contact will we find the ideal solution for your pool.

We the time to record and discuss your wishes and ideas in order to develop a perfectly tailored concept. Simply use our enquiry form or give us a call. Once we have discussed everything important, we will come back to you with a free, no-obligation proposal. If you are satisfied with our offer, we will deliver the desired products to your home as quickly as possible. We look forward to getting to know you.

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