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Never freeze again in your pool – with AQSOL

Solar pool heaters from the test winner

Heat your pool system with the power of the sun - cost-effectively and without emissions
  • Suitable for any pool size
  • Over 25 years of service life
  • Direct from the manufacturer
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Energy-efficient and with no emissions

Heat your pool system with solar energy – cost-effectively and completely without emissions. You can rely on our particularly high-quality AQSOL solar absorber system, which has proven itself for over 33 years with large and private customers alike. Whether it's a small pool or a public facility – you can benefit from our solar absorber system, which has been optimised through the years and has been distinguished as a test winner.

The AQSOL solar absorber system

Our solar absorber system is installed in a suitable and sunny location (e.g. on your roof) and simply connected to the pool's existing filter circuit. The water flowing through is heated naturally by the sun's absorbed rays.

Originally developed for use in large-scale facilities such as outdoor pools or hotels, our solar absorption system is now increasingly being used effectively in the private sector - from smaller pop-up pools to luxurious wellness oases.

The solar absorber system is precisely handcrafted to suit the dimensions of your situation. Each individual absorber tube is connected to the collection and distribution pipe in a pressure-tight manner. With our system, you won't find any of the leaks that frequently occur with other types of installations, such as with plug-in connections.

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The advantages of an AQSOL solar system

Suitable for any pool size
Whether garden pool or public swimming pool: Our solar system is available in individual dimensions for every pool size.
Installation in any location
Whether flat roof, pitched roof, a house wall or in open terrain. The AQSOL solar absorber system can be mounted in any position.
We guarantee sealing of our solar system to you for 15 years.
Long operating life
The usual operating life is 25 years and in the event of damage, the solar system can be easily and inexpensively repaired.
We are test winners
Our product (that time: GEBaU solar absorber system) emerged as the winner in a comparative test in 2000-2001.
Particularly high-yield
Our AQSOL solar absorber system generates free solar heat with peak efficiencies of up to 91% (proven in a comparative test).
Quality: Made in Germany
Our AQSOL solar absorber system is manufactured exclusively in Germany from high-quality EPDM rubber.
Emission-free energy
With our solar system, you generate heat in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, completely without the consumption of raw materials.
Robust and frost-proof
Our high-quality AQSOL solar absorber is absolutely dimensionally stable, frost-proof and can be walked on, even when filled.
Expert support
We are happy to support you in the planning and optimal integration of our solar system into your existing systems.
Experience stretching back to 1986
With more than 33 years of experience and over 1,800 satisfied customers, we are your No. 1 contact for swimming pool solar systems.
Directly from the manufacturer
Purchase your pool solar system directly from us and benefit from the many advantages of ordering directly from the manufacturer.
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We are test winners

In 2000 - 2001, the renowned institute for solar energy research ["ISFH"] in Hameln carried out a two-year comparative test for swimming pool solar absorbers per DIN EN 12975, which is unique to this day, with the aim of testing the thermal performance and material stability of the different solar absorber systems in a precise and practical manner. The GEBaU / AQSOL solar absorber system emerged as the test winner from this strict test procedure with the highest useful solar heat yields per unit area and the best quality. Before 2003, the absorber system was distributed by GEBaU-Solarabsorber-System. In 2003, the test-winning system was taken over by AQSOL GmbH and has since been marketed as the AQSOL Solar Absorber System. Learn more about the comparison test here.

Integration into the clean water line of the filter system

The existing filter pump is often also used for circulation through the solar system. Further filter times are then usually not necessary. In exceptional cases, for example if the difference in height between the circulation pump and the absorber system exceeds 10 m, an additional pump may be required for the solar circuit. The temperature difference determined in the solar control system is used directly to control the integrated 3-way motor valve - with supplementary electrical switching if desired - and then the filter pump at the same time. This provides optimum use of free solar energy for your swimming pool.

Temperature profile with the AQSOL solar absorber system

The graphic displayed shows the temperature profile of the pool water between two sunny days. The temperature measurements were taken from a pool without any cover.

If a cover is used additionally at night, which we would always recommend, the temperatures of the heated pool would be higher.

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Your benefits with our powerful solar absorber system:
  • Peak efficiencies of up to over 91% (proven in 2-year outdoor test per DIN EN 12975)
  • Simple and quick mounting (vertical and horizontal possible)
  • Environmentally friendly because emission-free
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Average operating life of over 25 years
  • In Germany, each square metre of absorber surface supplies approximately 300 kWh to 500 kWh over the course of the bathing season (depending on the geographical location).
  • Each square metre of absorber surface area saves around 40 litres of oil per bathing season.
  • Each square metre of absorber surface avoids the emission of around 90 kg of CO² each bathing season.
  • Automatic control for optimum utilisation of solar energy possible
  • The absorber is absolutely frost-proof and can be walked on, even when full
  • Can be mounted on any roof (the absorber system adapts to any roof shape)
  • Particularly large absorption area per square metre due to very close proximity of the water-bearing tubes
  • The absorber sheets can be easily repaired if damaged
Design of the solar absorber array in relation to the pool area

Our recommendations for the size of the absorber array are based on many years of experience. The aim is to heat swimming pools comfortably using solar energy alone (without additional heating).

The optimal size of the AQSOL absorber field is - may be slightly different due to the geographical location:

  • For pools without pool cover: Absorber field = 75%* of the pool area
  • For pools with pool cover: Absorber field = 60%* of the pool area
  • For indoor pools without direct sunlight: Absorber field = 100%* of the pool area

Of course, other field sizes can be selected if, for example, smaller roof installation areas are available or special temperature requirements exist.

* valid for the particularly powerful AQSOL solar absorber system with a pool depth of approx. 1.5 m

Economic efficiency / cost structure of the AQSOL solar absorber system

In an average utilisation period of 25 years, the particularly powerful AQSOL solar absorber system generates approximately 7,500 kWh of solar energy per m² of absorber surface. With today's costs for a completely installed, ready-to-operate AQSOL solar absorber system of EUR 65 to EUR 130 per square metre of absorber surface (range depending on the object), this results in a "solar energy price" of 0.85 to 1.7 Ct/kWh, based on the investment and the period of use.

The energy prices for gas and oil alone (investment costs not yet taken into account) are already far above these "solar energy costs", and continued price increases for fossil energy sources can be certainly be assumed. The so-called "solar energy price", on the other hand, is zero for this period of the investment and is thus stable over 25 years.

Apart from the financial aspect, the most decisive argument for a solar system in this day and age is the contribution it makes to the environment and climate protection. None of our valuable raw materials are consumed. Conclusion: A solar system is not only ecologically but also economically recommendable.

What are the advantages of solar heating?

There are many reasons for choosing a solar pool heating system. First and foremost, of course, you benefit from the cost savings. Conventional pool heaters produce continuous energy costs that can usually be saved completely with a solar system. The environmental aspect also plays a very important role these days. With a solar heating system from AQSOL, you produce completely emission-free heat for your pool and also enjoy the luxury of being completely independent of price trends on the energy market. But that is not all. A pool solar heater is available in individual dimensions. From small private pools in the garden to outdoor pools and large swimming pool complexes. Compared to other pool heaters, the AQSOL solar heater can always be perfectly tailored to the respective size of the pool or swimming pool facility. We will be happy to help you determine the perfect solar surface for your pool and plan the optimum size of the solar system to suite the space you have available.

Why you should choose a solar heating system from AQSOL

There are many suppliers on the market who manufacture or distribute solar pool heaters. Why should you choose a solar heating system from AQSOL? Let us try to impress you with our products. When you choose AQSOL, you benefit from the particularly high quality of our solar fields. Thanks to our specially developed and optimised EPDM compound, our absorber fields can capture the solar energy in the best possible way and thus achieve peak efficiencies of up to 91%. These outstanding values were proven in an independent, unique comparison test, so that we can officially call our product the most powerful system. Furthermore, our solar absorber system impresses with its durability. The average operating time is 25 years and should damage occur, the solar fields can be repaired very easily and inexpensively. Thanks to the high-quality materials, the absorbers are completely protected against frost and therefore do not have to be dismantled or completely emptied in winter. In addition, the solar fields impress with their robustness, in fact you can even walk on them without any problems.

Our solar panels are completely Made in Germany. That means: No unnecessarily long production routes at the expense of the environment and guaranteed high quality.

If you order your solar heating from us, you will benefit from our extensive service and the advantages of ordering directly from the manufacturer. We are not an online shop where you only purchase your goods. We will provide you with detailed personal advice and work with you to develop a concept for the best possible integration of the pool heating into your existing systems. You can rely on over 33 years of experience and over 800 satisfied customers.

Your path to the perfect pool solar system

Have we been able to impress you with our product? We're delighted to hear it! Then let us quickly explain to you what happens next. Simply send us a short free enquiry or give us a call. We will then discuss all the important details and provide you with the necessary information and prices in an offer with no obligation for you up to this point. If you are satisfied with our offer, we will deliver our customised solar absorber system to your home as quickly as possible. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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15-year guarantee on sealing of AQSOL solar systems

1. What is guaranteed?

The AQSOL GmbH guarantees the sealing of AQSOL solar systems (delivery form B) to their customers for 15 years (warranty term). The 15-year term begins with completion of the sales contract.

If the sealing of the purchased solar system fails during the warranty term, AQSOL GmbH shall either a replacement or repair the system, free of charge and at their own discretion, independent of the presence of any legal warranty case. Electrostatic discharge and removal and installation may not be responsible in this case.

Legal warranty claims for defects, including any existing limitation period extensions, shall not be limited by this guarantee and may be claimed by the purchaser, independent of them.

This guarantee only applies to products purchased by customers residing in the European Union and Switzerland and that are installed in these countries.

2. When is the guarantee excluded?

Claims from this guarantee are excluded if the purchaser or third parties have caused sealing to fail intentionally or due to negligence or if sealing can be proved to have failed due to incorrect handling. In particular, incorrect handling includes activities that contradict the handling instructions provided within the scope of delivery.

3. How can I claim this guarantee?

To claim this guarantee, you must inform AQSOL GmbH about the warranty case and submit the sales contract and this guarantee. In this case, please use the following contact information:

Margarete Böhme-Str. 19
25813 Husum, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 4841 665 98 98
Fax: +49 (0) 4841 / 665 98 97
E-mail: kontakt@aqsol.de