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Solar pool heaters for public facilities

Heat your outdoor pool or indoor pool with solar energy - cost-effective and emission-free
  • Suitable for any pool size
  • Over 25 years of service life
  • Direct from the manufacturer
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Solar systems for large-scale customers and public swimming pools

AQSOL GmbH sees itself as an active partner for clients, planners and architects. We support you from the start of planning to the completion of your project and, of course, beyond. We will be happy to provide you with detailed tender texts for our AQSOL solar absorber system (with proven peak efficiencies). We will also be happy to provide you with a non-binding and free cost estimate including a yield calculation for your large-scale project.

The advantages of an AQSOL solar system

Suitable for any pool size
Whether garden pool or public swimming pool: Our solar system is available in individual dimensions for every pool size.
Installation in any location
Whether flat roof, pitched roof, a house wall or in open terrain. The AQSOL solar absorber system can be mounted in any position.
We guarantee sealing of our solar system to you for 15 years.
Long operating life
The usual operating life is 25 years and in the event of damage, the solar system can be easily and inexpensively repaired.
We are test winners
Our product (that time: GEBaU solar absorber system) emerged as the winner in a comparative test in 2000-2001.
Particularly high-yield
Our AQSOL solar absorber system generates free solar heat with peak efficiencies of up to 91% (proven in a comparative test).
Quality: Made in Germany
Our AQSOL solar absorber system is manufactured exclusively in Germany from high-quality EPDM rubber.
Robust and frost-proof
Our high-quality AQSOL solar absorber is absolutely dimensionally stable, frost-proof and can be walked on, even when filled.
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We are test winners

In 2000 - 2001, the renowned institute for solar energy research ["ISFH"] in Hameln carried out a two-year comparative test for swimming pool solar absorbers per DIN EN 12975, which is unique to this day, with the aim of testing the thermal performance and material stability of the different solar absorber systems in a precise and practical manner. The GEBaU / AQSOL solar absorber system emerged as the test winner from this strict test procedure with the highest useful solar heat yields per unit area and the best quality. Before 2003, the absorber system was distributed by GEBaU-Solarabsorber-System. In 2003, the test-winning system was taken over by AQSOL GmbH and has since been marketed as the AQSOL Solar Absorber System. Learn more about the comparison test here.

Temperature profile with the AQSOL solar absorber system

The graphic displayed shows the temperature profile of the pool water between two sunny days. The temperature measurements were taken from a pool without any cover.

If a cover is used additionally at night, which we would always recommend, the temperatures of the heated pool would be higher.

Here you can see the integration of a 2-filter circuit system into the clean water pipes, for monovalent solar heating of a municipal swimming pool.

Download the AQSOL scheme for large-scale municipal plants free of charge now.