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AQSOL GmbH sees itself as an active partner for clients, planners and architects. We support you from the beginning of the planning through to the completion of your project and of course beyond.

You can obtain our AQSOL solar absorber system from us in two different delivery forms:

Delivery form A: Components for large systems

We recommend this delivery form for solar systems with absorber surfaces of approx. 100 m² and more. With this type of delivery, you receive all of the individual components of the AQSOL solar absorber system including the fastening materials. Only the supply and return piping between the pool / filter pump and the absorber field must be provided by the customer using standard, commercially available material.

See  here for tailored finishing, true-to-size adaptation, assembly and on-site installation.

The installation should preferably be carried out by qualified personnel from the swimming pool construction, solar technology, heating-sanitary or water technology trades.

Delivery form B: Components for private users ready to install and made-to-measure

We recommend this delivery form to all customers from the private sector for absorber surfaces up to 100 m². You will receive completely pre-assembled solar absorber panels from us according to your dimensional specifications. The ready-to-install solar absorber panels can be positioned directly on the roof, on a wall or in the terrain, rolled out and connected to each other. Only the inflow and return pipework between the pool / filter pump and the absorber field must be provided by the customer, using standard, commercially available material such as PVC pipes.

The installation of our prefabricated solar panels can be carried out by any technically skilled person within a very short time. Of course, we are always at your disposal with good advice.

Meander laying

With meander installation (also called loop installation), the collector pipes lie on one side. The absorbers are laid over the installation surface and make a loop at the end so that the flow and return of the solar system are on one side.

The advantage of this type of installation is that it saves longer pipe runs for the supply flow and return flow of the solar system. Furthermore, this installation variant does not create any empty spaces between the individual absorber fields.

Normal laying

With normal laying, the collector pipes are opposite each other on both sides of the installation surface. The absorbers are always connected so that the water flows diagonally through the absorbers.

Which of the two installation variants is best suited for your project depends entirely on your installation area and the general on-site situation. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right installation option.

Quality accessories for easy assembly

Heating the pool in the garden with solar power makes particular sense, as it only requires an initial investment and there are no further costs for heating the pool water afterwards. This way you have no additional running costs.

The water temperature can be regulated via a solar control unit. The solar control unit has an integrated differential temperature control which, in conjunction with a 3-way motor valve and two solar sensors, automatically regulates the solar operation of the solar absorbers. The inlet to the solar absorbers is automatically opened by the 3-way motor valve as soon as the temperature at the absorber is higher than that of the pool water. Once the water in the pool has reached the maximum desired temperature set, the inlet is automatically closed thanks to the differential solar control so that the water does not heat up any further.

This way, thanks to the solar control system, you can easily have the water temperature of your pool controlled automatically and make optimal use of the solar energy.

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