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Warmth even on cold days - with AQSOL

High quality pool covers

Get the most out of your pool - with our energy-saving pool covers
  • Store the heat & save heating costs
  • Protect from pollution
  • Child and pet safe
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Energy efficiency and safety

Many arguments speak in favour of the purchase of a pool cover. It stores the heat of your pool, reduces water evaporation and protects against all kinds of dirt. In addition, it increases the safety of your pool against accidents, especially in connection with children or pets. Our high-quality pool covers offer the optimum protection for any pool installation.

The pool bubble wrap with solar effect

Anyone who operates a pool heater should also always use a pool cover. Otherwise, a large part of the heat gained during the day from the solar system and/or the heat pump will dissipate off at night. The most cost-effective option for keeping the heat in the pool is our UV-stabilised PE bubble wrap with solar effect.

The air chambers significantly reduce heat loss and the solar effect can heat up the pool water during the day. The bubble wrap can be manufactured in any shape to fit your pool exactly.

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The benefits of a pool cover from AQSOL

Protection against contamination
Whether leaves, dirt or algae formation. Our pool covers protect against all kinds of contamination.
Saves energy costs
Our pool covers provide ideal heat storage overnight and reduce water evaporation.
Child and pet safe
You increase the safety of your pool installation, especially if small children or pets live in the household.
Suitable for any pool size
We carry a wide range of covers for any pool size. From small private pools to public swimming pools.
Easy installation
Our pool covers are particularly easy to install. Retrospective integration is no problem.
Individual support
We are not an online shop. We take time for a personal conversation and find the best solution for your pool.
Expert support
We are happy to support you in the planning and optimal integration of our covers into your pool system.
Experience since 1986
With more than 33 years of experience and over 800 satisfied customers, we are the right partner for all pool heating needs.
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